Welcome to Equinesprit, a peaceful green setting where you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons.

All those who seek to develop either a professional or a personal situation, find a warm welcome and safe yet stimulating environnement.  

The development at Equinesprit reposes on the three pillars : Emotional Intelligence, Experiential Activities, and The Healing Word.  Upon this balanced base a new way of seeing and of being opens itself to you, and with it, a new possibilities for your future.   A clear vision develops and through application of the Equinesprit tools you can establish growing confidence and peace, that allows you to move forward. 

Our philosophy is inspired by the wisdom of Plato who spoke of the importance of listening to feelings in order to discover the unique genius of each person.  Indeed, we are unique, and the courage and skills to create your path is fostered according to your ability to listen.   We show you the tools to develop your listening, to help you to to discern your natural talents and gifts which will guide you to fulfilment.  

In committing to developing the capacities in the three pillars we experience a transformation in our way of doing, and most importantly in our way of being.

As The Talmud, Gandhi, and many others say through the ages: “Pay attention to your thoughts, for they will become words. Pay attention to your words, for they will become deeds. Pay attention to your actions, because they will become habits, pay attention to your habits, because they will become your destiny. ”