Emotional intelligence: what is it?
  It is the ability to identify various emotions. It is being able to differentiate between mask emotions and root emotions. It is the ability to discern the genuine need hidden in the emotion. It is being able to meet the needs. It is being able to bring more comfort and confidence: towards oneself, towards others. It is to see eMOTIONS as a source of information, to MOTIVATE us, and guide us, for the greater good.  
Our Sessions:
The sessions are adapted to your level of knowledge and your personal experience.  We exchange together on the various emotions, and their intrinsic messages. We clarify the difference between mask and root emotions, and how to respond to them. Thanks to the horses acting as mirrors, experiential activities allow you to recognise and to experience the physical aspect of emotion. They also help you to respond spontaneously and in just measure.  
The result:
New knowledge and new feelings allow you to feel reassured and anchored.  Putting up with or running away or stifling your “unpleasant” emotions is no longer necessary.  As your emotions continue to come and go you are now able to witness them fully and with calm presence.   You have questions ? Contact us   Want to explore your emotional intelligence? Book your session below.