The deepest and fastest process of personal development is that of lived experience. We never forget how to ride a bike or swim, nor the tune for our favorite commercial when we were 7 years old. In the same way, a familiar smell from
our past transports us to our feelings in another time, in another place. In seeking to grow, it makes sense that one takes full advantage of this powerful innate ability to integrate information quickly and deeply. The part of the
brain that takes care of these processes (movements, sounds, smells, touch) is also responsible for activating the logical and analytical parts. In short, everything you learn, everything you understand, starts with it.


Our Sessions

Experiential Activities put us back in connection with this part which is the seat of our capacity for adaptation and our spontaneity. The mirror horse is a master of this art. His presence and our interactions with him make it easier
for us to reconnect with that part of us, which is so often masked and restrained by recurring thoughts and ideas, which have become reflexes. You learn to be more sensitive to the sensations and emotions in your body. You learn
how to react, and what those feelings might say. This sensitivity is a keystone for the other pillars, The Healing Word, and the Development of the Emotional Quotient.



The result

Uncomfortable sensations are replaced by appeasement, by a quiet space around you. The pressures are less important. By accessing this con-FORT you become more assured and a clearer vision. This comfort allows for growth of trust –
faith and loyalty to yourself. In reality you are building a relationship of trust with yourself, just like you do with a partner. Comfort, confidence, and confidence gradually increase. This relationship of trust gives rise to hope
and a joy of being. The difficulties seem less important, and you are able to deconstruct your own limits. You change your way of being, with yourself and with others.

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