Our approach is uniquely effective, you will notice an evolution in your perception even after just the first sessions.   The goal of each session is to feel new perceptions and new possibilities, and at the end of the session you will leave with tools which you can apply in your daily life.  Furthermore, the changes initiated during the sessions will grow in amplitude afterwords.  

We approach the development of the person in a holistic way. Our collaboration with various professionals and their complementary activities can add great benefit to the process. 

Our innovative approach with the 3 pillars, our complimentary activities, plus our equine accompaniment ensures that your evolution is in-depth and durable. 

The 3 Pillars

Experiential Activities :

The activities, supported by the presence of the horses, aim to transform theoretical knowledge into lived experiences. This step is crucial to assimilate new possibilities and new ways of being. Physical based learning has been shown to be faster, more profound, and more durable than any other kind of learning.  

Emotional Intelligence :

An essential element for good communication and for approaching daily life with more confidence. Thanks to recent and continuing scientific research advances the pivotal importance of EQ (Emotional Quotient) is becoming better understood. In fact emotions are present to guide us, even to push us to act.  They are the facilitators of growth, there to encourage us forward.  In the session we discuss what lied behind each emotion, and how to interact with it to make it a force for our well-being. 

The Healing Word

As much as the quality of our speech can reveal the nature of our relationships (with oneself and with others), just as y paying attention to this quality we open ourselves up to new ways of approaching our daily life.  Together we look at what our words reveal, and then we discover the healing words, with remove the various blockages between us, our serenity and our full potential.