Since the beginning of history, the spoken word has been recognized as a powerful tool for transformation and motivation.  Nowadays we see examples such as sports coaches, politicians, and even various advertising media.  From antiquity until more recently this saying reminds us:    

“Investigate your thoughts they become your words, your words will become deeds. . . your deeds will become your destiny ”.

  Hopes are shaped by words. Through our words we can discern forgotten thoughts and hopes. The choice of our words can open doors, or lock them shut.    
Our Healing Word Sessions
We explore the work of Carl Rogers, Marshall Rosenberg, and Byron Katie, who have changed thousands of lives through simple attention to speech-thought. You develop a sensitivity to the intricacies of verbal expression (be it voiced through words, or silent through thoughts).  You will discover potential as catalysts. You will explore the tools that show you how to listen, understand and respond to words and thoughts, instead of having to suffer them. You will be able to apply these practical, tested and proven methods in your daily life.    
The results
The simplicity of our approach allows you to apply them from your first session.  You develop a sensitivity towards the hidden potential in our choice of words, and our choice of thought.  Indeed this is a key aspect of the development of emotional intelligence. By applying your new knowledge you are the autonomous author of a profound transformation, in yourself and around you. You have questions? Contact us Want to experience the benefits of the Healing Word? Book your session below.