Our Approach

Instead of simply putting up with limiting circumstances a variety of possible alternatives is waiting to be discovered.  The basis of all transformation of this type is very simple: the practice of mindfulness, the practice of consciously and fully experiencing the present moment.

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Through the sessions activities you can explore what it means to put Mindfulness into daily practice.  The professional and gentle support during the activities allow you to develop a clearer vision of how you can go past old limiting ideas and open yourself to new exciting possibilities.   The practice of mindfulness as the foundation of all activities is the alpha and omega of our transformation from the inside out. 
By these practices you align yourself with your authentic needs and desires and get closer to their fulfilment.


We put into practice various methods, based on divers scientific studies from experts in the domain of personal development, such as Byron Katie, Candace Perte, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Carl Rogers, Martha Beck, Marie Lise Labonté, Marshall B Rosenberg, Joe Dispenza, Bréne Brown, et Linda Kohanov.


Despite being so simple, Mindfulness is all the same a subtle exercise which requires attention and patience. Mindfulness is something that is felt, accessed through sensations flowing from one moment to another and certainly distinguished from other ways of perceiving and reflecting. Also, although we can see that there is currently a trend in people seeking happiness and fulfilment in their personal and professional lives, we also see that collectively we are experiencing higher levels of disappointment, frustration, and fear.
The practice of Mindfullness helps identify the desire behind our emotions, and offers us a new vision of our needs and perfectly adapted ways to meet them.

The practice of Mindfullness refers to our potential for bringing a high level of attention to our emotions, our feelings and sensations, to our thoughts and verbal expression.

“The Three Spheres”

Emotional Intelligence

Essential for good communication and to feel more confidence, emotional intelligence and the scope of its impact is capturing the interest of the scientific community.  We are understanding that the way we interact with emotions is key, and in this way they can guide us, push us to action, motivate, and facilitate generally our advancement.


Verbal Healing

The practice of verbal healing has enormous potential to shift perception, change reactions, and influence our evolution in a fundamental way.  It is a precise and powerful tool by which we reconnect with ourselves and others and realise our full potential.    

Experiential Activities

The diverse experiential activities with or without the participation of the horses are designed to bring us into connection with our heart centeredness, bringing together the freedom and potential of verbal healing and emotional agility.   We assimilate new ways of being, and the presence of the horse amplifies this effect in a dynamic way.

The Sessions

You will discover tools and techniques to shift your perception and put new and unexpected choices at your disposal.  Sessions can be individual or small group sessions, and also work well for couples, parents and children.


Equine Assisted Accompaniment

The presence of the horse has an instantly grounding effect and amplifies the connection that our other activities have cultivated.  Studies have shown, for example, that simply being in their presence lowers our blood pressure. 

This is only one example of their extraordinary impact on our physical and emotional well being.   No previous equestrian experience is necessary, in fact it can sometimes be preferable not to have any.

Your situation is unique

Simplicity in the practice of Mindfullness is the key, and yet it adapts itself with such precision to the unique needs in each of us.  The flexibility and spontaneous nature of your sessions guarantees a content that is as unique as you are.  

Before we begin we take time to exchange on previous experiences and the results that you are hoping from your sessions.