Tarifs & conditions
to begin

Discovery Session : 65€

Discovery Sessions, as their name suggests, is designed to introduce people to the personal development process.

During this session you can explore the approach, how it is done and the results that we are looking for.

For this first session it is also possible to focus on one aspect of the 3 spheres, depending on your current needs and knowledge.

(1 – 4 people, for around 2 hours)

Going Deeper

Half Day Session : 85€

The half day gives the opportunity to deepen your connection to yourself and to others, and to experience a profound change in your approach to yourself and to your daily routine.

(1 – 4 people, for around 3 hours)


Full Day Session : 180€

The full day sessions, thanks to their intensive nature, allow a rich immersion for either discovering the method, or to give your development a boost, wherever you may be on your path.

(1 – 4 people)

Deeper Work

Personalised Programs : ≤ 50€

After your discovery session we can design a program that responds specifically to your need.  Because of the flexibility of these programs they can be of different lengths and frequency and the price reflects these differences.

(for individuals, couples, or parent – child relationships)

Face to face, or video call

Individual Support Sessions : 50€

For those wishing support in their journey, to go still deeper, the individual support sessions give clarity so that you can advance with more confidence. 

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Special Equinesprit Offer

VIP Made to Measure : for Individuals and for Compagnies

This particular offer gives carte blanche to be able to design a very special program around your experiences and your specific needs.
Firstly we clarify your objective so that we can fix an intention for your program that is measurable and around which the framework of the program is built.
We decide the frequency of the sessions, spread out or intensive, whatever will optimise your progress and is coherent with your situation. We regularly check where you are in relation to the progress towards your objective so that the session can be adapted to your evolving needs.

The VIP programmes are designed to amplify the results of your sessions.

Please contact us to discuss in detail what you are looking for.